County Commissioners

The Blount County Commission meets at 9:00am on the second Monday of each month in the Blount County Courthouse. A work session is held on the Thursday preceding each business meeting, and is also at 9:00am. All meetings of the commission are open to the public.

The Blount County Commission consists of five members. Four are commissioners, each of which is elected only by the people in the respective commission district. The fifth member is the chairman. The county’s probate judge is elected countywide and, by default, holds dual role as commission chairman.

Some common responsibilities of the Blount County Commission include appropriating funds, controlling and maintaining commission property, providing facilities for the courts, levying taxes, settling claims, ensuring availability of sanitation systems and services, providing for public health, arranging animal control, promoting public welfare, operating a public transportation system and county parks, ensuring public safety, maintaining a jail, appointing and/or supporting local organizations that serve a county function (e.g. volunteer fire departments, chambers of commerce, etc.), and the repair and maintenance of county roads, bridges, and infrastructure.

Chris Green, Chairman  (205) 625-4191
Allen Armstrong, District One Commissioner  (205) 590-2851
Chad Trammell, District Two Commissioner  (205) 429-5155
Bradley Harvey, District Three Commissioner  (205) 493-1742
Nick Washburn, District Four Commissioner  (205) 625-3473